My goal as a mortgage advisor... to help my clients and Realtor partners make the best decision with regards to the most important financial decision Americans make in their lifetime – purchasing or refinancing a home.

I am a believer in the American dream of home ownership. Government studies have shown that the average homeowner has a net worth several times greater than the average worth of a renter. My passion for real estate extends to each of my clients as I help them achieve their goals.

My Mission

To be your trusted mortgage advisor for life and provide the individualized advice and service essential for each of my clients to achieve their financial goals more efficiently.  My goal is for you to have an expert mortgage advisor not only to help you meet your own needs, but to meet the needs of your family and friends as well.

Options to Fit Your Needs

Through McLean Mortgage, Kevin Finnegan is able to offer a complete line of residential mortgage options at very competitive rates because we have access to the largest and most trusted sources of mortgage finance products available anywhere.  These products include:

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans

  • Veterans Housing Administration (VA) Loans

  • Conforming Loan Products

  • Jumbo Loan Alternatives

Whether you are financing a $100,000 home or $1,000,000 home, we have options to fit your needs.  And for this who have special circumstances, we offer alternatives which will help those facing unique situations.

Get started with the purchase or refinance of a home
with a team that is dedicated to providing first class service
along with expert guidance. 

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