Meet Kevin

My experience helps each client not only make the best decision with regard to their real estate purchase and financial choices, but also ensures that the process is simplified and less stressful as we deliver service with a personal touch from start to finish.

And my service to clients does not stop there. It is my ultimate objective to become your mortgage advisor for life.

Ask me about our RateFlex™ Program which will enable me to ensure you rate protection AND give you a lower rate if rates move lower before your closing.

Ask me about our LoanFirst™ Program which will put you in the best position to purchase a home, especially in competitive bidding situations.


McLean Mortgage is one of the top 100 Mortgage Companies in America and was opened in 2008. When other lenders were going out of business, McLean opened its doors debt-free and continues to be a successful, lean and agile industry leader with no red-tape and a “Can-do” attitude.